service300.jpgMulti-tenant Office Buildings
When it comes to commercial cleaning for Multi-tenant Office Buildings, it’s important to make sure the entire building is cleaned to the same standards on a regular basis.  Professional cleaning of the entire office building creates a fluid, professional environment that provides the best first impression as clients and patrons visit your offices.

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Medical Facilities
If you are in the medical profession, you know medical facilities require extra care.  We do more than provide general cleaning services for medical offices, exam rooms and waiting areas — we thoroughly clean and disinfect to be sure germs and harmful diseases do not spread to workers or patients. 

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Health Clubs
Keeping a health club or workout facility clean is not an easy job.  Each day hundreds of people cycle through, using the bathrooms, showers, locker rooms and equipment.  From disinfecting equipment to deodorizing the locker rooms, maintaining the expectations of an upscale health club can be quite the task. 

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Educational Facilities
Skyline Cleaning Company offers cleaning and janitorial services for educational facilities in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.  From aesthetic care such as scrubbing and waxing floors to sanitizing the building to prevent the spread of germs, we are committed to creating a comfortable, safe environment at your educational institution.

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Industrial Parks
Industrial park cleaning is a different environment compared to standard commercial cleaning.  It requires increased attention to safety measures and an in depth knowledge of the right cleaning procedures and tools to get the job done. 

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Construction Clean-up
After construction work of any kind, there is always significant work to be done before a building is ready for move-in.  Skyline Cleaning Company works with several of Chicago’s top General Contractors to provide post-construction clean-up.  Skyline Cleaning Company can transform your construction or remodeling site quickly while meeting all OSHA standards and deadlines you may have.

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Extra Services

• Carpet cleaning
   - Pre-spot
   - Shampoo
   - Steam extract


• Fabric cleaning
   - Couches
   - Chairs
   - Fabric Partitions
• Sanitary Supplies
   - Paper Products
   - Can Liners
• Wall washing
   - Painted surfaces
   - Vinyl
   - Concrete Block
   - Ceramic Tile


• Pressure washing
   - Sidewalks
   - Gum removal
   - De-greasing
   - Exterior of building
• Window cleaning
   - Interior
   - Exterior
   - Atriums
   - Skylights
• Refinishing hard floor surfaces
   - VCT
   - Terrazzo
   - Granite
   - Marble
   - Brick Pavers
   - Ceramic
• Light fixture cleaning
• Light bulb replacement
• Ultrasonic blind cleaning
• Post construction clean-up
• Industrial equipment cleaning
• Flood and fire restoration

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