about300.jpgEstablished in 1997, Skyline Cleaning Company has always had a personal touch.  Realizing that first impressions are hard to come by, Skyline Cleaning Company maintains the highest standards for our janitorial crews and supervisors.  Our services include cleaning of Multi-Tenant Office Buildings, Medical and Educational Facilities, Health Clubs and Industrial Parks.  We also have an impressive record in Construction Clean-up, partnering with many of Chicago’s top general contractors.  Please visit our services page to learn more.

Being privately owned and operated, we understand what it means to take ownership of your business at every level.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to your cleaning and janitorial needs, we take the time to listen to your expectations and adapt our services to meet your exact specifications.

We use the latest, most effective cleaning products and carefully train reliable employees to make sure each facility receives premium service on a consistent basis. We also offer environmentally friendly Green Cleaning; partnering with our clients to use products with minimum toxic content and participating in source reduction and recycling programs to promote a healthy environment.

Each and every one of our customers deserves peace-of-mind when entrusting a cleaning company with their offices.  This is why we promise each client Quality, Safety Supervision and Value.

Quality:  Your offices will be thoroughly cleaned and presentable for conducting business.  We will not cut corners and we will do the job right the first time.  Of course, quality doesn’t just happen—it starts with a commitment to hiring dependable service workers, well-qualified supervisors and exceptional training programs.  Each of our supervisors receives advanced training and sets the standard that excellent should be normal.  This standard of excellence is passed along to each and every Skyline employee. 

Understanding that no building is the exactly the same, Skyline Cleaning Company carefully inspects each site and develops quality measures specific to your location. In addition, we maintain an open line of communication; should an issue ever arise, we will take care of it immediately.  This commitment to quality is what keeps our customers coming back year after year. 

Safety:  Our employees are thoroughly trained and held to the highest standards.  From proper use of chemicals to securing your building at night, you can be sure we will consistently operate with the safety and security of your building, employees and visitors in mind at all at times.  To ensure the safety of your building, our employees are screened and tested prior to being hired.  Honesty, integrity and reliability are of utmost importance during our hiring process.  Each of our crews is taught to operate in strict compliance with your building’s security measures.

Each new employee is carefully trained and monitored until they are fully familiar with safe cleaning techniques and chemical handling practices.  Skyline Cleaning Company maintains appropriate insurance coverage for our cleaning crews, carrying Comprehensive Liability Coverage, Property Damage Coverage, Workmens’ Compensation and Non-owned Auto Coverage.

Each of our supervisors has extensive experience and is expertly trained to maintain the latest guidelines in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), OSHA and industry best practices.

Supervision:  Supervision is a crucial in maintaining the highest level of quality and safety in the industry.  To be sure our cleaning crews consistently provide excellent service, inspections are completed by on-site working supervisors and quality of work is confirmed by account supervisors who visit your site on a regular basis.  This means, if there is a shortcoming, it will be resolved quickly, often before your employees or visitors even notice.

We are committed to top-notch customer service.  In addition to routinely visiting your site, our supervisors are available via answering service or cell phone 24-hours a day.

When it comes to the appearance and safety of your building, you can’t settle for anything less than professional quality, regardless of potential budget constraints.  Providing cost-effective janitorial services that don’t cut corners is one of our primary goals at Skyline Cleaning Company.  While franchises are forced to charge higher prices in order to cover their franchising fees, Skyline Cleaning Company is privately owned and able to pass these savings along to our customers.

After careful evaluation during the hiring process, each new employee hired at Skyline Cleaning Company is extensively tested to determine their knowledge and understanding of the proper methods, equipment and use of cleaning chemicals.  Each staff member is provided with a detailed training manual and expected to have a strong working knowledge of specific procedures they will use at your site.

In addition, all employees receive on-going training at the job site as well as continuing education on new equipment, supplies and techniques.  This advanced training equips our staff with everything they need to accomplish the task at hand.  Skyline Cleaning Company is proud to participate in a variety of seminars held by the Building Service Contractors Association, the International Sanitary Supply Association and a host of training classes taught by a variety of product and equipment manufacturers.

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